Israeli Association for Billiard Sports (ISPA) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2004 registered at the Israeli Corporations Authority, and operating according to the Law of Sport (1988).

ISPA is a sport organization recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Sport Science and the Sports Administration, and represents the billiard sports in Israel.

The Organization is financially supported inter alia by the Management of Sports Betting and the Sports Administration.

ISPA is the body in charge of billiard sport in Israel and from its foundation is associated with European and International billiard sports organizations: the EBSA

and the IBSF in Snooker, the WPA EPBF and the EBC in American Pool, and the CEB and UMB in Carom Billiard. ISPA is also familiar by the International Federation for Billiard Sports.

ISPA was established by billiard clubs to promote shared interests: "A common and accessible sport, committed to ethical code by sharing all participants with a strong, active, dynamic, pioneering organization, in culture and sport in particular."

The organization objectives:

– Development, promoting and managing the billiard sport in Israel.

– Organizing and managing national and international competitions in various frameworks in Israel.

– Establishing, promoting and training different teams.

– Encourage relationships with international bodies involved in the Billiard.